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Green Salad with Blueberries and Basil Blueberry Vinaigrette

My pal over at Fidgety Budgie sent me some Blossom Vinegars Blueberry Basil Vinegar and yesterday I created a salad expressly for the purpose of trying out the vinegar.  I’d like to try it with fresh blueberries, but it might … Continue reading

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If you cared about the planet, you’d recycle that…

Sometimes living in Madison is just a bit too much.  Today, because last night’s dinner didn’t produce any leftovers for lunch, I had an Amy’s Vegetarian Entree, two carrots and an apple for lunch.  I threw the package in the … Continue reading

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A few random thoughts…

The transition to grey hair is going o.k.  I wish it was going faster, but I can only grow so much hair per month.   After the first time getting some of the roots dyed, I decided that the colour process … Continue reading

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