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The End of the Farmhouse and a Blast from the Past

After the heat of summer receded, we started concentrating on getting the house ready for a training drill for the fire department.  We pulled all the windows and the doors.  We pried electrical boxes from studs and pulled all of … Continue reading

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Unseasonably Warm January Day

Yesterday was unseasonably warm for Wisconsin in January.   We chose Saturday instead of Sunday for our farm day because of it.  Today, we woke up to single digit temperatures.  Fahrenheit, in case there is any question about that. After breaking … Continue reading

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Fire Wood and New Things in the Kitchen

We left for the farm after breakfast this morning, but earlier than we’ve managed to leave in a while.  We drove up to the cable across the driveway, I twisted the lock to the right combination of letters and it … Continue reading

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Garden Planning and Some Winter Chores

January is a slow time of the year for us at the farm.  Fortunately, there aren’t many pressing tasks either.  We’ve been working on burning the pile of willow wood from the tree that fell in June 2011.  Yesterday, we … Continue reading

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