A few random thoughts…

The transition to grey hair is going o.k.  I wish it was going faster, but I can only grow so much hair per month.   After the first time getting some of the roots dyed, I decided that the colour process is hard on my hair and that I’m hoping I can just stand to stick it  out until October (end of the canoeing and kayaking season when I actually care if I can put my hair in a pony tail) and then get all the colour treated hair cut off before I start growing longer hair again.  I’ve also learned a couple of things.  Not as much of my hair is grey as I thought and my naturally dark hair is actually a lot darker than I’ve been dying my hair for the last, um, decade.

The next random thought is that I hate baby showers and it would appear that an invitation is in the offing.  I don’t mind  buying baby gifts and giving presents, but I pretty much hate everything about baby showers.   First of all there are the games.  I have never understood why adult women, at least some of whom might be categorized as intelligent need to play games that are the equivalent of the games that we played at birthday parties when we were 8 years old.  Then there is the oohing and aahing over the baby gifts.  Plus generally that much estrogen in a room gives me a rash.   The final annoyance is that this is really NOT how I care to spend an afternoon of weekend time.  I also figure they won’t have to come to my non-existant baby shower, so I shouldn’t have to go to theirs.  So given good weather on the weekend in question, I think I’ll be going solo kayaking, possibly camping since my husband will be working in another state.  Last night I asked him if he would be bothered if did a solo paddling/camping trip on the Wisconsin River.  He said, “No.” and “Why?”  Both good answers since I just asked him out of consideration since a single Aster would have just gone and done the trip and then found out that the cautious people around her think that solo kayaking/hiking etc. are too dangerous.  I’m never sure whether they mean the people I might encounter or the natural hazards…   Whatever.  I will however actually wear my PFD rather than just having it in the boat to make the DNR happy.  Wisconsin River, cold water, dangerous currents, unpredictable drop offs, no one else around…  Seems like a good idea.  People die there almost every year.

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One Response to A few random thoughts…

  1. gaile says:

    crap, i totally forgot that baby was pending. i am with you 100% on the baby shower thing. do you know when it’s happening? I wouldn’t mind sending a little gift, something hand made perhaps. i too would find a reason not to attend. And bonus points that your boy understands you’re perfectly capable of surviving outdoors without supervision 🙂

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