If you cared about the planet, you’d recycle that…

Sometimes living in Madison is just a bit too much.  Today, because last night’s dinner didn’t produce any leftovers for lunch, I had an Amy’s Vegetarian Entree, two carrots and an apple for lunch.  I threw the package in the trash after I was done and a co-worker who was in our office “kitchen” said, “If you cared about the planet, you’d recycle that.”  Umm.  I’m familiar with the contents of the very detailed City of Madison “Recyclopedia” which can be found on line but to which I will not supply the link here.  They don’t want frozen food boxes.  I mentioned this.  He said, “I thought they just didn’t want frozen food trays.  They should be better at disseminating this information.”  Really?  Look it up.  For whatever reason, they don’t treat cereal boxes and frozen food boxes the same.  It’s in the flipping document which is mailed to your house once a year, available at all the city libraries for your reference and is available online with just a few clicks for anyone with internet access.  Seriously.

I suppose if I cared about the planet, I wouldn’t be eating frozen prepackaged food that is made in California.  But then, that’s another argument that doesn’t need to take place today.

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