A Pair of Salads, Summer into Fall

September? Pear or Tomato Salad?

We haven’t seen a hard frost yet, so we still have tomatoes, but it’s also late enough in the year to have ripe pears from our orchard.  Last night, knowing that D. does not love the pears as I do, we had separate, but similar salads.  Except for starting on a base of pear slices or tomato slices, everything else was the same.  They each received half of a piece of crumbled bacon and I crumbled some good bleu cheese over them.  Next, balsamic vinaigrette made from a splash of balsamic vinegar, pinch of salt, Dijon mustard and olive oil.  Then I ground black pepper over the salads.

If I hadn’t been trying to finish the salads so I could move on to the rest of dinner preparation, I would have finished the tomato salad with some fresh basil and the pear salad with fresh thyme and black walnuts.  (We still have some of last year’s black walnuts in the freezer even though it’s apparent that this year’s walnuts will start falling on us in large numbers some time in the next couple of weeks out at the farm.  We’re also hoping to see larger numbers of ripe ground cherries in a week or two.  I did harvest some last weekend, but many, many of the ones in the patch below the orchard were not yet ready.

We split a butterflied pork chop from Jordandal Farms, grilled with a balsamic glaze and cauliflower roasted with olive oil and garlic as well as roasted beets.

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