A Weekend Off from the Farm

Some time in July, we decided that we should take this weekend off from the farm.  It’s not like we didn’t take last weekend off for the most part, to rent a cabin with friends to swim, hike and relax.  And it’s not like we didn’t take off the weekend when D. was between jobs to have three days of paddling and two nights of sandbar camping on the Wisconsin River for a total of 45 miles from Arena to Port Andrew.  We also had at least three options of things to do this weekend.  The first, attending my 25th high school reunion was never really in the running.  I keep in touch with two of the approximately 200 people from my graduating class.  If anything, I’d be more interested in what certain people from the classes of 1984, 1985 and 1987 are doing  or maybe to see some of the people with whom I went to school from kindergarten to fourth grade than to “catch up and reminisce” about Dog knows what with the rest of the class of 1986.   Other options specific to this weekend included the Annual Firemen’s Dance in the town closest to the farm.  We certainly could stand to make some friends at the fire department and we did pay for tickets, more as a contribution and just in case we decided to attend, but if we’d driven down for that, we would have stayed at the farm.  If we’d stayed at the farm, we would have ended up working today at least for a while.  We can’t help it.  There’s so much to do.  Our third option was a corn boil and potluck dinner that our CSA farmers were hosting at their farm to celebrate the sweet corn harvest and we decided to attend that.  I’m glad we did.  We got to talk with some other people including our farmers about farming and gardening.  There was a young French woman there who grew up in Paris.  She’s been WWOOFing her way across the United States.  WWOOF stands for Willing Workers on Organic Farms.  She’d been with our farmers for about a week and a half and was planning to move on soon, possibly to Oregon.  She was funny though, saying she needed farmers who weren’t too picky.   She said she’d do just about any work, but that she didn’t have any specific skills or farming experience and that she smoked like a chimney and that her smoking alone made her unwelcome in some places.

All those tomatoes fit in one little jar

Aside from that, while we managed to take a week off the farm, we still had plenty do.  We stocked up on meat at the farmers’ market buying from Jordandal.  Hawks Hill Elk Ranch was missing yesterday.   Yard work included a marathon weeding session, cutting spent flower stalks from hostas and lilies and today we tidied up the tomato plants which were sprawling all over and away from their supports.  D. mowed the lawn.  We also blanched and froze corn and dried a lot of our plum tomatoes.  We’ll certainly freeze more corn and dry more tomatoes before both of those crops end production.  I also ran some errands today including picking up some bushel baskets as we look forward to apple picking soon.

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