Summer Vegetable Frittata for One

Summer Vegetable Frittata for one with a toasted Arnold's Sandwich Thin

Home alone with a vacation day, I decided to forgo my usual yogurt breakfast in favor of a frittata for one.  It doesn’t hurt at all that we have tomatoes beginning coming on in larger numbers and that we are getting to the time of year where I could (and probably will) eat tomatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner until frost puts an end to it.

I found this recipe which has some good ideas, but I couldn’t really go with it since I don’t think that pasteurized egg product is food.  Same goes for cooking spray.  And low-fat cheese.  And we blew through the available zucchini for dinner last night.  And then there is measuring.  That and Fiona seems to think 111 calories are enough food if you add bread and/or salad.

I started with a little chopped onion, a couple of the small late shoots from the broccoli, a little bit of onion, two mushrooms and enough basil to cut back the flowery tops for the time being.  I’d say two to three eggs is probably good depending upon how hungry you are and when you’re next planning on eating.

After chopping the vegetables and herbs mentioned above and halving a handful of sungold tomatoes, I whisked the eggs together with a little of the basil and some of the garlic salt that I learned to make from this lovely food blog.  Last summer’s garlic salt is beginning to run out.  Good thing I have a box of recently harvested garlic from the farm.  I sautéed the vegetables starting with onions and broccoli stems and ending with broccoli flowers in a small skillet with an oven-proof handle.  When the vegetables are done, turn down the heat and add the eggs to the skillet.  Using a silicon scraper, lift the edges of the frittata slightly, allowing the liquid egg to run under what has already cooked.  When the frittata is fairly firm, set the halved tomatoes on top as well as the cheese of your choice.  In this case, I used sliced fresh mozzarella, but I would have been just as happy with cheddar, a good quality Swiss or some freshly grated Parmesan.  Finish the frittata under a preheated broiler until the tomatoes are warm and the cheese begins to bubble and brown and eat with toast and or a green salad.  In this case, I had a toasted Arnold’s sandwich thin because we’d purchased them for a recent kayak camping trip.

Thing have been a little quiet recently on the blog since the recent hot weather has worn us out and prevented me from writing.  Perhaps I’ll catch up a little today with some tales of a 45 mile paddling trip, the garlic harvest, the fact that the spring house now has a door and the fact that we’re a bit more hopeful about this year’s apple crop.

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