Dinner on the fly on CSA Wednesday

Apologies for no pictures, but I was working on a different little project before dinner.  On alternate Wednesdays, we never know what we’re going to have for dinner.  Not exactly.  We get our vegetable share from Primrose Community Farm on alternate Wednesdays and that doesn’t count the peas, broccoli and herbs growing in our city yard, or the garlic out at the farm that I need to harvest this coming weekend.

This morning, I put some frozen shrimp in the refrigerator in a Pyrex container full of water as well as  bottle of Rosé from the Washington’s Columbia River Valley.  The CSA basket didn’t disappoint.  We have cucumbers, beets and their greens, green and gold zucchini, some fresh white onions, a fennel bulb, cucumbers, basil, cilantro, pea pods, lettuce and a huge green cabbage.  I’m sure I’m forgetting something.  In the morning, I thought we’d grill the shrimp, use some of the garlic mustard pesto that I froze a while ago and that we’d grill some zucchini and cook some pasta as well as having green salad.  Close, but not quite.  We did grill the shrimp and cook some pasta, but with the quantity of basil available, there was no reason not to make fresh basil pesto with basil  from the CSA and our yard and a garlic scape.  Rather than grilling zucchini, I remembered that we should grill the last of the asparagus.  This turned out to be a fairly fast dinner and I made enough so that we both have lunch tomorrow.

We’ve also arrived at the time of year where I happily give up carrot sticks (carrots come from California at this time of year) for local cucumbers and shortly sungold tomatoes with my lunch.

Tonight too, we’ll eat the last of the local strawberries and for the next few weeks we’ll eat the wild black raspberries and the red raspberries that we’ve been growing at home for a few years and that we started this year out at the farm.  We’ll keep an eye on the apples out at the farm.  Some of them are early apples and we missed them entirely last year because there was too much to do.

We eat really well in the summer.  Much as I love our farmers, I also look forward to the day when we can phase them out.

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