Ode to Work Gloves

Some of my work gloves on the concrete behind the barn

I like work gloves.  I like work gloves the way a lot of women like shoes.   Work gloves are a much less expensive habit.  Overall, I’ve had more fun wearing garden gloves than I’ve had wearing heels with the possible exception of a day in September a few years ago when I spent hours walking around an Arizona State Park in silver strappy sandals (and a strapless dress).  I still wear those shoes whenever the opportunity presents itself which isn’t often,  but this post is about the gloves.

Of course the fun I’ve had wearing work gloves might not necessarily sound like fun.  I’ve carried old corrugated metal salvaged from a tumbling down building to smother plants, I’ve perfected my skills at removing old bent nails from lumber we’re salvaging from one of the useless outbuildings.  I’ve planted vegetables and pulled thistles and stinging nettles.  I’ve cultivated between the garlic rows to keep down the weeds.  I’ve listened to bumble bees buzz while I’ve pruned apple trees.  I’ve stacked firewood and moved hay bales and mulched garden plots.   I’ve wound up lengths of rusty barbed wire when we’ve taken down sections of pointless fencing that no longer keep cows away from orchard and garden.   I’ve taken them off in a hurry to load a rifle.

Of all the gloves in the picture above, I’ve had the yellow gloves with blueberries the longest.  They’re not my favorite.  They’re pretty light and not at all suitable for working with sharp or prickly things.   They do dry fast and they’re fine for planting.

The burgundy and gray Wells Lamont gloves are tough gloves.  Sheet metal, prickly plants, it’s all good.  The inside seams become uncomfortable if they get wet.

The red and green gloves which don’t appear to have much wear were an impulse purchase.   They aren’t the toughest gloves and I’m not in a hurry to get them wet and muddy, but they are great for weeding in hot weather especially when wearing short sleeves.  I wonder what they’ll look like toward the end of the summer.

The cream-colored gloves with the blue draw strings are my favorite right now.  They were actually pretty when they were clean and new.    They’re soft, but they’ve stood up to thistles, nettles, mud and water.   If I get back to the store where they came from I should pick up a couple more pairs.  I’ll wear them often until they wear out.

I’m sure there are many pairs of work gloves in my future.  I wonder where they will take me and what I will learn.

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2 Responses to Ode to Work Gloves

  1. hthrb says:

    What a great post! I’m glad I clicked that random link. Thank you.

  2. Aster says:

    Thanks! That was a fun one to write. I probably could have taken a more interesting photograph.

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