It’s Been a Really Slow Spring

The pastures have really been greening up and some trees are beginning to show buds

By this time last year, I’d already made garlic mustard pesto twice.  This year the garlic mustard is barely up.  It’s been cold.  And it’s been wet.  Except for the weird Sunday a few weeks ago where it was sunny, windy and 81 degrees Fahrenheit.

A while ago we tilled the garden and since then, then on the only sunny day, last Thursday, I planted two kinds of potatoes, two kinds of onions and leeks.  The garlic planted back in the fall looks good.  For everything else, we need to wait until danger of frost has passed.   Last weekend, we sliced through the roots of wild parsnip, dug out multiflora rose in the orchard and the areas adjacent to the garden.

Little Change in the Oaks this Early in the Spring

This weekend is forecasted to be cold and wet again and we have other obligations, but I really hope things take a turn for the better some time later in the week.  For starters, I’ll be picking up a flat of blue flag irises, mountain mint and marsh milkweed to plant near the stream.  I plan to pull the nettles growing near the stream and pull a lot of the moneywort out of the stream.  The number of invasive weeds present on the property makes me a little crazy.  We need to cultivate between the rows of garlic since the weeds are coming back.  We also figure we’ll pull as much of the garlic mustard as possible in some targeted areas.  I plan to do that on Sunday, so it will be fairly fresh and I can make a big bunch of pesto when we get home.

There’s so much to do.  Maybe we’ll make some progress on the spring house door.  One of the doors at the west end of the barn came off of its hinges during the high winds a couple of weeks ago and needs to be fixed.  The trees in the orchard could use more pruning and we have some piles of brush that we need to light on fire if the winds are low and a few buckets of water are handy.  We’ll do what we can and if the weather is nice, maybe we’ll have some help.

The swallows aren't back yet, but robins are nesting here in the rafters of the pig barn and also in the rafters of the big barn

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