Spurious Nutrition Claims: Post Great Grains

It looks like Post Cereals has latched on to a bunch of food trend words to re-brand their re-packaged product, pretending once again that manufactured cereal is good for you and me.  It’s not.  But the way they tell it, “Great Grains uses more “whole food” ingredients like whole grain flakes from the actual wheat berry, as well as real fruit and nuts. Rather than grinding our wheat into flour and then stamping it into uniform flakes, Great Grains Crunchy Pecans gently steams, rolls, and bakes our whole wheat. Keeping the whole grain whole means that you enjoy better nutrition.”  Ahem.  No.  Manufactured cereal is NOT good for anyone.   Not eaters, not farmers, no one except for the profit margins of Post and their ilk.

Here is the nutrition information from REAL minimally processed oats:

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1/2 c dry

Amount per Serving
  • Calories 160 Calories from Fat 25
% Daily Value *
  • Total Fat 3g
  • Saturated Fat 1g 
  • Sodium 0mg 
  • Total Carbohydrate 27g 
  • Dietary Fiber 4g 
  • Sugars 1g
  • Protein 7g 
Note the sugar content.  1 gram.  One of the three flavors of Post Great Grains has 8 grams of sugar per 3/4 cup serving.  The other two have 13 grams of sugar per 3/4 cup serving.  Once the 1/2 cup of real oat meal is cooked, you’d probably add something to sweeten it.  But unless you’re really a sugar fiend, 8 grams seems unlikely.  A teaspoon of sugar is approximately 4.2 grams.   13 grams seems ridiculous.  Not to mention that the 1/2 cup of real oatmeal is probably more filling.  And has more protein and less fat.  And is less processed and therefore more a whole food.  Without the spurious nutritional claims based on buzz words that advertisers and food manufacturers have determined are important to consumers.  They’ve figured out that eaters are looking for foods that are less processed.  Foods that are “whole” or closer to their natural form.  Beware of any packaging or advertising with nutritional claims.  Despite the fact that I provided essentially the nutrition data for plain oatmeal above, the “Nutrition Facts” aren’t the most important part of the package except perhaps for comparison.  Check the ingredients.  If you want real food, look for a label that says “whole grain oats”.  And nothing more.  Certainly not something that says:  “Whole Grain Wheat, Pecans, Whole Grain Rolled Oats, Wheat Flour, Brown Sugar, Malted Barley Flour, Sugar, High Oleic Vegetable Oil (Canola or Sunflower Oil), Rice Flour, Rice, Salt, Corn Syrup, Whey, (From Milk), BHT (Added to Preserve Freshness) and a litany of added vitamins and minerals.   Italics added by me to note three sources of added sugar.   This was the list from the Great Grains product lowest in sugar.    Hardly a whole, minimally processed food source.
Caveat emptor.
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