The beginning and the rewards of gardening

Leeks, Borretana Onions and Yellow of Parma Onions

Now that winter is coming to a close, I have the seed flats planted with leeks and two kinds of onions.  Soon, I’ll plant the tomatoes and peppers indoors and then peas, lettuce, spinach, chard, radishes, carrots, squash and beets outside.  At some point the seed potatoes will arrive as well.  Garlic has been in the ground out at the farm since late last fall.   We’re waiting impatiently for rhubarb and asparagus to emerge.    We’ll buy a tomatillo plant, some Brussels sprouts and broccoli.  I’m sure I’m forgetting something as I write.   Maybe cauliflower.    I’ve actually planted celery indoors too.  No results yet.  I wonder if the soil has really been warm enough even with the heat mats turned on whenever we’re home.  We’re gardening on a bigger scale this year and because of that, we decided only to take a half CSA share this year.   That puts some pressure on me to really make things work, or besides the money that I’ve spent on seeds (other than the pepper seeds that I saved from last year) and the time that I spend watering things and the time that it’ll take to prepare the ground and get everything transplanted, I’ll be buying vegetables on top of that.

Obviously I  want the tangible rewards of gardening, but there’s something valuable in the process too.

Leeks and peppers harvested late in August 2010

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