The New Year Finds Its Way to Cafe Four

******See note below*****

Last night we had a lovely dinner in Mineral Point at Cafe Four.   Regrettably, no pictures, but I didn’t think to bring a camera and there was no point in the evening when I would have wanted to interrupt dinner by photographing it.

The restaurant served dinner on New Year’s Eve and then closed for most of the month of January, during which they made some improvements to their kitchen.  In January,  they did host only a couple of small, unadvertised dinners and we were lucky enough to attend the one that took place last night.  Including us, there were eight guests.  Last night’s dinner gave them a chance to try out a couple of new menu items, including the appetizer which was  poached egg with spinach over smoked mushroom and sweet potato hash.  It was quite tasty and will be on their new Saturday and Sunday brunch menu.  This was followed by pan-roasted  chicken breast with ricotta gnocchi and seasonal vegetables, which last night turned out to be Brussels sprouts which were very sweet and tasty.  Last night’s dessert, if I understand correctly was sort of an apple tart served with very good house-made bourbon ice cream (both of which I’m planning to reverse engineer) which will also be on the new winter menu when they reopen for regular business on Friday January 28th.

Besides the new winter menu, which I imagine will change frequently, Ted Souder and Friends will be playing on Friday nights at 7:30.

While we won’t often make it to Mineral Point until the weather warms up, we certainly wish Chef Scott Spilger and his staff a belated happy new year.   I think we’re also overdue for making it down that way to try their fish fry.  Hopefully some Friday soon, we’ll get there and have another nice dinner and manage to stay long enough to hear Ted’s music.

*********We were in Mineral Point this past weekend (03/12/2011) and note sadly that it appears that Cafe Four is closed for the time being.  Their website says they are closed for the winter.  If I learn anything new, I will post an update.  Of course we’re hoping for good news.********

******Update June 26th, 2011********  We worked out at the farm yesterday and stopped by Cafe Four which has reopened for the summer.  The staff is mostly different.  Cody was tending bar offered us menus to look at while we waited for a table and drank some sangria.  The pizza menu is much the same as it used to be.  There were about 4-5 other entrees.  I had chicken with sweet potato puree and spinach.  D. had the steak and frites special.  Both dishes were attractively plated and tasty and both preceded by pretty and tasty house salad with mixed greens, golden cherry tomatoes and shaved parmesan with a balsamic vinaigrette.  The service was good.  There was a beets and greens salad on the menu that I would also like to try.  Maybe next week or the week after.

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