Lucky us. We now own the truck of the year…from 1979.

Truck of the Year in 1979

Now that it is fall and the vegetation is dying back, we’re finding more and more things out at the farm that we didn’t see in June, July, August or September.  A while ago we found a ravine full of junk.  This weekend, we found another ravine full of junk.  Including the better part of a Chevy LUV Mikado.  Quick internet research tells me that the Chevy LUV was first produced in 1972 and that the Mikado trim package complete with fancy striped upholstery and a three-spoked steering wheel debuted in 1974.  Someone bought this truck new and maybe someone bought it used and eventually, it was “parked” for good in a ravine on what is now our farm along with the gas tank from a motor cycle, a hubcap from a different Chevy, plenty of glass jars, some broken, some not, and a moldy cowboy boot.  Maybe two boots, but yesterday I only found one.

Besides finding more junk, we also accomplished some good things this weekend.  We set up a rack for firewood inside the shack, loaded it and put up more fire wood outside.  D. collected a sack full of black walnuts, we planted garlic and I mulched the raspberries and grapes first with a good layer of newspaper to block the light from the weeds and then with a good layer of straw from the barn.  That accomplishes two things.  Less old hay in the barn and much-needed mulch for the plants.

Garlic planted, grapes and raspberries mulched

We’ve also been planning on building a fruit crusher and cider press for next year.  This week, we got the hardware kit for the cider press and D. has been thinking that we could build the fruit crusher with an old sink and a new garbage disposal just for the apples.  As it turns out, I remembered that one of the few things in the house was an old enamel kitchen sink.  We went into the house again, something we usually avoid, or at least don’t do and retrieved the sink.  It’s filthy, but the enamel is in good shape.  This is a win-win, because we figured we wanted a sink for this and since the house is eventually to be demolished, we would have to have gotten rid of the sink anyway.  The more things we can re-purpose for other uses, the better. D. pulled the faucet hardware from it and we’ll clean it when the weather is better.  If we cleaned it now, we’d just end up cleaning it again later.    In the spring, we can see about cleaning the sink and hopefully using mostly lumber that we have around to build a platform and we can outfit the drain of the sink with a garbage disposal and next October, we’ll be making cider.

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