Our Apples Are Not Pretty

Our apples are not pretty, but they do taste good.   We took possession of the farm just six weeks ago.  With so many projects to do, just to make it easier for us to spend time there and with such hot weather making it difficult, we haven’t been able to devote much time to the orchard.  I did spend some time one weekend getting a start on the pruning.  The usual things.  Any dead branches.  Any branches that point down.  Any branches that cross and rub.  It has been a hot wet summer and it appears that what we have might be sooty blotch which is just cosmetic.  The apples higher than we can reach with a ladder look better and probably had a better chance to dry out when it was humid.

We’d like to stay away from having to spray, even any of the mixes approved for organic certified agriculture.    But next year, we’ll have the time to engage in some good orchard practices.  We’ll really get the pruning done to improve air circulation.  We’ll mow the grass in the orchard and we’ll thin the number of apples on any single branch long before they mature.

Maybe next September’s apples will be pretty and taste good.

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