Odd Things We’ve Found at the Farm

We’ve found a few things out at the farm that are interesting though that don’t really begin to tell us much about the former occupants.  We found this wooden plate which must have been a souvenir from somewhere, though I can’t quite make out the script on it as well as this grater which is actually embossed with an advertisement to use a particular kind of soap which makes me think it was some sort of premium that came free with the product or that someone mailed away for it with proof of purchase of something.   We also found an older Pyrex bread pan, a yellow Foley Easy Twist Jar and Can Opener and a Coca Cola box.   On the inside, the Coca Cola box is stamped saying that it is the property of Coca Cola.  I doubt they want it back at this late date.  We also found an old school chair and a small metal table which I’ve cleaned up.  I painted the table green last weekend and we moved it into the shack.  I can guarantee that it is more useful there than it would be mouldering in the loft of the old barn. We found a couple of toys, one which is a John Deere piece of equipment and a Cruella Deville toy which the wonder of the internets suggest is a Happy Meal toy from McDonald’s in 1991. Many of these things seem to be from different times.   We may never know much about anyone who lived there before us, but now we have a few snapshots.

On a more natural note, we took a walk yesterday where the  easement for someone to access their adjacent property used to be and we continued down on the far side of the creek where we’d not explored before.  We wandered through the young walnut trees and found a few mature ones which are now dropping nuts.  We also found another spring with a really good output.  This is in addition to the one where the spring house is and the one in the trees slightly up the valley from the barn.

I’m really loving the land.  I can’t wait to get back there.

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