Pitching crap out of the loft of the barn

And sadly no pictures.  And some of the crap was actually crap.  Literal crap.  Probably from raccoons.  We have a barn that we need to tear down.  A little while ago, we realized there was stuff in the loft.  This past weekend, we went up there and cleared it out.  Many card board boxes.  A dresser that may have been in good shape when it went up there, but moisture and fluctuations in temperature have done some damage and mice have nested in the drawers.  We pitched that and an old trunk right out of the loft.  I wish the trunk had been in good shape.  Also a baby crib which seemed to be in good shape, but might not meet today’s safety standards for a crib.   A crib mattress with all the stuffing ripped out of it.   And a couple of small suitcases.  An old iron.  A couple of scary old space heaters.  A dilapidated croquet set.  Many rusty Christmas cookie tins.  Some broken glassware.  There were a few treasures in the trash.  A packet of crewel work needles made of “The Finest Sheffield Steel” though now rusty.  A plastic Cruella DeVille toy with one of the 101 Dalmatians in her pocket.  Two odd pieces of glassware with etched images of a falcon on a perch.  A small aluminum table that I will clean up and re-paint.  An odd little wood plate embossed with a design and meant to hang on a wall.  I’ll clean it up and we’ll put it on one of the walls out there.  Along with the collection of interesting rusty stuff  that we’ve found including a horse shoe, an old gear, a pair of pliers that someone threw in the water in the spring house.  Another pair of tools that I don’t recognize, but my father-in-law might.  My dad probably would, but he’s not around to help us out.  That’s one of the sad things.   My dad doesn’t exist in the same world with our old farm.  I think he could have told us a lot about it.  So we’ll be relying on the expertise of someone born in 1939 instead of 1920.  Lots of changes in those two decades, but either way the dad that we have left has a lot of old information in his head that we couldn’t possibly know.   Maybe pictures in a couple of weeks when we have this stuff cleaned up.  Otherwise, we figure out what is safe to burn and what we have to dispose of some other way.

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