Some thoughts about f@cebook

I’ve been on f@cebook for a little over a week now after a lot of reluctance to make a profile.  Mostly, I had concerns about privacy, but I think I’ve looked most things down pretty tight.

It has been nice to keep up with two good friends who now live far away and it’s made keeping up with some of the nearby friends and definitely in terms of sharing pictures of the farm project and the garden.  It’s also added another dimension to some friendships that currently exist only online and started on another site.  Most of the people who I know from there are people I think would be friends if we were geographically near.  I haven’t yet received any friend requests that I want to ignore, though FB definitely has suggested many friends based on email contact I have had with people in the past  or based on mutual friends that I will also ignore.

A couple of unhappy things have happened too.   The first was shortly after I opened my account, FB recommended I friend a friend who died earlier this year.  His email address is still in my gmail and there must be some ghost or skeleton of his FB account hanging around.  Another thing happened last night and though somewhat disturbing, it might be good in the long run.  A friend posted that his mother died.  I believe she was around 80, give or take, but it’s still a little shocking to read things like that on the internet when you just log on to see what’s going on.  Of course for the friend whose mother died, he received many messages of sympathy and support and he didn’t have to have conversations with people or spend much time to convey the message.  It might seem odd that I think that is nice, but having lost both my parents in a three-year period and really before FB has taken off the way it did and also having watched a coworker go through the same sort of thing around the same time frame, sometimes you’d like people to know, but you REALLY don’t want to talk.

I think I’m here to stay and I think it’s a good thing.

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