First weekend at the farm

Friday, we closed on the farm.  It was crazy hot and we went out there to do a little work and make a list of some other things we needed.  In the afternoon, we went into one of the little towns so that we could get a mobile signal and to see about getting some insurance.  We stopped down to the brew pub to have a beer and then decided to stay for dinner.   Since it was still really hot after dinner, we went to the park to swim in the lake before closing things down for the night.

Saturday, we went to the other little town for some breakfast.  Prices on the menu seemed to have been turned back 20 years from what we are used to seeing.  We located the grocery store, (it’s a Piggly Wiggly, so we’ll get to “shop the pig”) and found that there are two hardware stores.  Since a wheel barrow was on our list, and the store on Main Street that we had parked close to on purpose had their’s out, we went there.  We’ll check out the other hardware store another time.  It was really too hot to do much work in the afternoon, but we took down a junky tree that had sprouted from the concrete adjacent to one of the other barns and checked out another barn that is up on a hill.  It’s a pretty cool looking barn, but the foundation on the uphill side has been melting and caving in for years and it’ll probably have to come down.  Of course we also noticed that there is stuff up in the hay loft which is accessible only from door on the outside which we’ll need a ladder to get up to.  I’m sure it’s mostly junk, but I wonder what it will tell us about the people who used to live there, probably before the last owner who only had the place for 7 years.

The house is in horrible shape and we went in Friday for the first time, which will most definitely be my last time due to both health and general safety reasons.  We’ll have to see about getting it taken down, probably this year.  We did expect that.  We’re hopeful about staying in  the little shack when the weather is bad.  It does have electricity and a small wood stove.  I cleaned in there a bit with a broom, whisk broom and dust pan, but really think it needs the shop vac treatment before I wash the walls and floors.  We also went into town and had a nice dinner last night.  After that, we stopped at the little cemetery on the next road down.  I knew it was there because of google maps and thought it was named for the township, but it was not.   It is called Holy Assumption Cemetery, which suggests to me that it is a Catholic cemetery.  There is no church now, but I can’t help but wonder if there was one in a large rectangular area toward the road.  It’s not very big and we walked around and looked at all the grave stones.  It seems like everyone was from the same county in Ireland and that the cemetery saw the most use from the mid to late 1800’s to some time in the 1910’s.  The most recent burial there appears to have been in 1955.  I also can’t help but wonder if the original owners of our farm are buried in the cemetery and really hope that eventually we’ll bump into someone who knows something about the history of the place.  The cemetery is still maintained and had been recently mowed.  There were lilies planted near some of the graves and since they are done blooming, we pulled some of the dying lily stalks.

We camped Friday and Saturday nights and Friday we had great stars.  Saturday it was cloudy and in the early morning hours there was a really impressive (sometimes scary) thunderstorm, but we were mostly dry in the tent.  There are lots of birds and we saw deer both days and we each had an eagle sighting.

We’re hoping for some cooler days on subsequent trips out there.  I also have to say that we were really happy with the solar shower and the luggable loo isn’t bad either.  Next time we get out there, we plan to set up a compost bin with a remnant of snow fence that we found and maybe I’ll get to pruning the orchard which was something I’d hoped to do this time.

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One Response to First weekend at the farm

  1. Peggy says:

    Sounds like a nice weekend, despite the heat. Which towns did you go to?

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