Garden Notes and more, mid to late May

I pulled these radishes from our garden earlier this week

I’ve been away  from the computer lately.  This past weekend, we had a 27 mile kayak trip down the Wisconsin River from the Hwy 23 bridge near Spring Green to Port Andrew.  I was really glad to get out.  Lots and lots of bird life.  D. leaves for Alaska on Monday.  After he gets back, we’ll do another Wisconsin River trip.   The plan is to go from Muscoda to Millville on the weekend nearest the Summer Solstice.  That’s 32 miles and we’ll do it in two nights.  It should be a pretty relaxed trip.  I expect mosquitoes will be an issue on that trip.  They really weren’t this time around.

When we decided to enlarge the garden this spring, we decided that we would grow asparagus.  Since asparagus seeds take so long to germinate, it was suggested that we plant radishes as a marker crop.  Indeed, the radishes came up quickly, but it took a few weeks to get to this point.  These radishes are actually a bit more red and a little less pink than the photo suggests, but they are definitely anything but the beautiful looking, but dull tasting radishes that I bought at the store a few weeks ago turned out to be.  I might as well have been biting into a raw potato for all the flavor I got from those.  I took this picture as soon as I had them in the house and washed.  We’ve been eating them on salad.  I also saved the tops and those ended up in quiche with spinach, mushrooms and onions.  Now we have almost all the wildflowers planted, most of the tomato plants and a tomatillo planted as well as some brussels sprouts and cauliflower.    I still need to get the rest of the tomatoes in and plant the basil plants and I think we’ll start some beets and another crop of radishes from seed.  Pea plants are up, onions and garlic are growing.  The greens (chard, lettuce and spinach) appear not to be growing very fast where they are and I think we’ll turn that area into wild woodland flowers when we are done with this crop.  It was the best I could do last year to increase the area in which I could grow vegetables last year, but that was before the front yard expansion.

We’ve moved a lot of hostas to the fence line to try to stem the tide of weeds coming in from the neighbors.  We put more hostas in plastic bags and set them out on the curb with a sign that said “free hostas”.   They went away that same evening.  I’m going to declare a truce in my war on the hostas for a bit now so that I can concentrate on killing something else that the previous occupants of our house thought was a great landscaping plant.  Snow on the Mountain.  This stuff is pretty and I can see why people plant it, but it is also seriously evil.  It’s invading the ferns and the  grass, choking the irises, overwhelming the  columbine.  It must be stopped.  My plan is to cut it down and then deprive it of light.  Next year, I’ll plant trilliums, may-apple, jack in the pulpits, wild ginger and wild bleeding hearts where it is.  Those are all pretty plants.  They are all native plants and the only one of them that seems really aggressive is the may-apple.

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