Finally, a use for fig vinegar

A while ago when I was visiting Gaile, we both bought some fig vinegar in the Willamette Valley.  I blogged about that along with my other spoils from the trip, but until this morning I hadn’t gotten around to using it.

I’m furloughed from work today and it seemed like a good day to make something I would like and that D. would not necessarily look forward to eating.  He has no problem with poached eggs but I think he might take issue with breakfast salad.  (He’s free to comment here if that is not the case.)   We actually took eggs and the poach pods with us on last weekend’s kayak camping trip along with a couple of Arnold’s White Wholewheat sandwich thins and that made a pretty good river breakfast on a weekend that wasn’t too hot.   Sure, the eggs stick to the pods a little, but it’s still better than cleaning scrambled egg residue out of the camp pot… Packing the eggs was a little tricky.  We put them inside the poach pods and then put them inside the Govino wine glasses and put them carefully in the cooler.  The Govino glasses are a lot handier than the acrylic wine glasses that have stems which we bought during our train trip to Arizona when we got married.  They’re also perfect on the Wisconsin River where glass is not allowed, but where it is still nice to have wine with one’s dinner.  Of course we’ve also investigated all the wine in smaller, non-glass packaging too and have found a couple of kinds that seem decent.  But I’m getting off topic.  Back to this morning’s breakfast salad.

I had some really nice salad mix and arugula from the farmers market, so I used that.  So far so good.   I made the dressing with two parts walnut oil to one part fig vinegar, a little Dijon mustard and a pinch each of salt and pepper.  I also used some dates and sunflower seeds (no walnuts or figs in the house at this time, but believe me I would have used those if they’d been here), but the dates and sunflower seeds were just fine.  I’d been wanting to use the fig vinegar for a salad with fruit in it for a while.  I think blueberries might be next, though I could also see something like this happening with apples.  Walnuts also need to be on my next shopping list.

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