Grilled Salmon and Risotto Croquettes for Dinner

No pictures because we were too hungry to pick up the camera.  With a green salad and steamed broccoli this was a really nice and easy meal.

All the salmon needs is glazing with balsamic vinegar that has some turbinado sugar dissolved in it.  (Heat helps with this.  30 seconds in the microwave, stir and another brief heating in the microwave is usually enough.)  Grilling salmon just takes a few minutes.

The croquettes sound hard, but I was using leftover risotto from a couple of nights ago.  I ran into the recipe when I was browsing Deborah Madison’s “Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone” a couple of nights ago to figure out the stock to rice ratio that I needed for the risotto I was making with cremini mushrooms and asparagus, but I saw the recipe for risotto croquettes to be made with any of her risottos and figured the risotto would go with the white wine and herb marinated grilled chicken legs and thighs we were having the other night and that the croquettes would seem totally different with grilled salmon.  I wasn’t wrong.  I can’t say I faithfully followed Madison’s recipe, but for the amount of risotto we had, an egg, a splash of milk and some panko Japanese bread crumbs (the only bread crumbs I use anymore) along with some ghee that I purchased in the ethnic/foreign food aisle at the grocery store (way easier than clarifying my own butter to avoid the burning of milk solids during frying) absolutely did the trick.

Easy, all last minute prep as long as the risotto is already made.  I highly suggest prepping everything, making salad, enjoying your salad and then cooking the rest of it.  Of course it helps to have someone to man the grill and someone to do all the kitchen stuff.

We’re quite happy and ready for the first episode of the new Doctor Who season to start quite soon.

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