Eating the Enemy

The woods in Wisconsin have an invasive weed problem.  Its name is garlic mustard.  Garlic mustard comes up in the spring, is a vibrant green and eventually grows to 2-3 feet tall.  It has white flowers and produces many seed pods in the second year of a plant.  I haven’t seen much of it blooming yet, so no picture today, but I’ve noticed that it is getting taller.  It has come up more than once in this blog that I’m a fan of wild food.  Especially in this case where it involves pulling the plant roots and all.  Eating the enemy if you will.  Several years ago, I learned about this recipe for garlic mustard pesto by Wild Man Steve Brill.  From my friend Steve no less, who is sort of a wilderness guy, but not Steve Brill who roams the wilds of New York City.  Yes, there are some.  I’ve missed the window of opportunity for garlic mustard harvest the last few years, once due to traveling for a full month and other times just due to life.  I’m not so sure about the olives in the recipe, but I’m surely game to try my hand at pesto.  I actually think I have everything except the basil (not in season) and the parsley (too early for my plants to have produced quite that much) including the yellow miso and after a long winter eating many root vegetables and red cabbage, something green his highly desired, California asparagus notwithstanding…  Now I just need to determine where the garlic mustard is that has (a) not been sprayed with herbicide and (b) will be convenient for me to bike to and pull a big bag of it this weekend.

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