Land Lust

There are times, frankly most of the time that I’d like to get away from it all and put more space between myself and other people.  I’d like to wake up in the morning and hear birds (which I do now) and not traffic (which I also do now).  I’d like to garden extensively and maintain some wild life habitat too.

Right now, for no practical reason, I am sort of fixated on a 38 acre parcel farther away than is a reasonable commute to Madison.  It has a spring and a small stream a number of outbuildings and a house.  Apparently the house is no great shakes, because as far as I can tell, the land is priced as if there was no house.  The online listing for the place has no pictures of the inside of the house and only one picture where the house appears at rather a distance.  I sort of wonder if it is habitable at all, if it is a fixer-upper or really a tear-down.  Moving out of town is probably not happening until we can retire and that is years down the road.

Eventually, I’d like to be living a rural life.  I don’t think I’m unduly idealistic about how this would work.  We’d grow a large garden of every kind of vegetable I can think of.  I’d get to keep some chickens.  Maybe I could even raise a pig or two every year.  Maybe I could learn to keep bees.  I think I’d have to learn to can because as much as I’ve resisted canning in favor of freezing extra vegetables, freezing is not practical for the quantities that I’d like to be putting up to see us through to the next growing season.  I could probably grow herbs to sell, sell some surplus produce and possibly sell prairie plant seedlings to gardeners.  As you can see, my business plan needs work.  I think this would be an immensely satisfying life.  I also think it would be hard and dirty work.  I think I’d be bone tired on a regular basis.

I also think I’d learn something about how much social contact I need.

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3 Responses to Land Lust

  1. Peggy says:

    No traffic noise and no ugly cookie-cutter suburban homes within sight would be lovely. How fun to dream and think about the future. Yeah, you’re probably being overly idealistic about certain aspects of your plan, but where’s the harm in that at this point?

  2. Aster says:

    I don’t really anticipate that the bees, vegetables, herbs or plants would make much money. I just think they’d all be interesting to do. I do plan on having a small greenhouse one day and bees are just cool. When I have to think about startup costs like building the greenhouse and electric fences with lines run at several heights to reduce deer and raccoon traffic in the vegetables, it makes my head hurt. I also know that all this animal husbandry would make any traveling difficult if not impossible. There are certainly reasons besides the economic factors that the last couple generations ran screaming from the farm.

  3. Aster says:

    Who knew that just a few months from the April 2010 entry we’d OWN that place and that in less than three years we’d have burned down the house and be considering building something new? Life is really good.

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