Tomorrow morning at stupid o’clock, I start my travel to Portland to see Gaile and Doug, OC the orange cat and Jazmine, the bitch cat from hell.  The forecast is promising.  Gaile sent me and email today to inquire about food preferences and allergies, etc.  So yep, I’m good with coffee and tea.  Good with black coffee or coffee with almond milk.  I’d rather not even be in the same room with an orange peel and I’m looking forward to possibly visiting a wine tasting room in Hood River that my husband and I liked a lot a couple of years ago when we were there.  We also talked about local food and seasonal food.  Asparagus is seasonal.  Yay!  Fern fiddleheads are a possibility.  I’ve never had the pleasure.  I wonder what sort of seafood is in season.  Because yes, seafood does have seasons.  And I’ll be trying out the week mostly gluten-free.  Gaile has to live like that all the time.  She said she’s making granola.  I’ll be very interested to see what she’s done with the granola recipe that I blogged a while ago since mine contains oats that aren’t necessarily GF safe and wheat germ that certainly isn’t GF safe.  Gaile is one hell of a cook and I look forward to cooking together, eating her food and going out to some of the gluten-free destinations in Portland possibly including Andina for Peruvian food, the Deschutes Brewpub for GF burgers and beer and fries (yep, those fryers need to be dedicated to non-wheat contaminated ingredients) and maybe the Corbett or Hawthorne Fish House for GF fish fry.  How you ask?  Rice flour!

I’ll be traveling with a reasonable amount of clothing, laptop (for the ridiculous project about which I recently blogged), cell phone and iPod because really, can  one travel in the world without such things?  Well, yes, I could and have, but that’s the wild world, not the civilized world where most of this trip takes place.  Friday April 2nd after I’m home, I’ll be taking a wild trip of sorts and that will also involve some pictures and some blogging, but first, Portland!

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2 Responses to Portland!

  1. gaile says:

    Halibut is in season! Woohoo! And I will make sure to save you a couple of the gf lemon bars I made at the weekend. They are awesome. Can’t wait!!

  2. Peggy says:

    Enjoy your Portland visit! You have a nice day for flying, at least in the Midwest. Good luck on the project.

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