Again with the Yogurt

A little while ago, I wrote about my unhappiness with the low fat yogurt.  Last weekend, I was again faced with a yogurt choice since my preferred yogurt wasn’t available.  Last time, I was at Woodman’s.  This time it happened at Whole Foods.  No plain cream top Stonyfield Yogurt.  Plenty of sickly sweet vanilla and of the abomination they call “Banilla”.  Ewww.  I looked around a bit more and noticed that Whole Foods own brand made from whole milk was available.  And the price was good.  I figured I’d try it.  The packaging assured me that the cows weren’t treated with hormones, but no indication as to whether or not it is organic.  No matter.  Monday morning when I dished this out, I noticed that the texture wasn’t like Stonyfield.  No cream top and the texture was sort of uniform.  Homogenized milk, apparently.  And that’s not all.  Stonyfield and Whole Foods yogurt both contain pectin, which I doubt I would use if I was making my own yogurt from cultures and milk, but since I’m not willing to do that, I’ll accept the pectin.  While it doesn’t occur naturally in dairy, it does occur naturally in fruit.  Whole Food yogurt though has another surprise in it.  They put tapioca starch in it.  Why?  I’m sure they think they are “improving” the texture.  I’m not sure I agree.

In case the FTC is wondering, I have received no compensation for this post.

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2 Responses to Again with the Yogurt

  1. Aster says:

    Now that Stonyfield has ceased to make cream top yogurt in favor of using homogenized milk and saying that, “The cream you love is still there, we’ve just stirred it in,” I do not recommend their product.

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