Michael Pollan, again?

This morning upon opening my email, I had one of those emails from A*azon.co* suggesting a book I might like to buy since I’ve “recently purchased “nutrition and gastronomy books”.  Michael Pollan is at it again.  The little blurb describes the book as “a new pocket compendium that offers practical nutritional guidance.” For the most part, I like Michael Pollan.  I read “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” and “In Defense of Food”, the second of these mostly because I was curious about what was actually in it since it was getting so much press even before it hit the bookstore shelves.  I had also pretty recently read Marion Nestle’s book on nutrition, Nina Planck’s book, “Real Food: What to Eat and Why” and Gary Taubes’ book, “Good Calories, Bad Calories”, so I’m pretty sure by that time, my own philosophy on what to eat (and where it should come from) and why were pretty well ingrained before “In Defense of Food” came along.  I enjoyed that book well enough but didn’t feel the need to buy it after reading a library copy.  I’ve referred to it as “starter Michael Pollan” when talking about it and I do think it was a reasonable choice for UW-Madison’s “Go Big Read” program, but  I doubt I will even pick up the new book.   I’m sure plenty of Michael Pollan fans would like to have a pocket-sized Michael Pollan that they can take everywhere they go.  This new book may be the closest they can manage.

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