Unproductive Long Weekend

Well, we’ve had a mostly unproductive long weekend.  A bunch of cooking has gone on.  Yesterday, I made lasagna and a cherry crisp with the last of the frozen cherries that we have from Ashland.  Of course nice,  orderly dinner didn’t happen last night because D. has had the on call beeper this week and a customer call came in some time in the late afternoon and while I got to eat my dinner, he was not so lucky.  At least being on call doesn’t mean going anywhere, it just meant that he sat on the couch with his laptop, ear glued to the on call phone, while also still juggling the beeper, his own cell phone and at least once our land line got thrown into the mix.  I ate my dinner and eventually took his salad away and stuck it in the fridge and gave up on keeping his dinner warm and when he was finally able eat toward midnight, he was starving.  We don’t usually stay up that late.  Fortunately the rest of the night was pretty quiet from the beeper angle and we were able to get some sleep.  While all this work from home was going on, I alternately read and surfed the internet.  I am more than half way through Julie Powell’s “Cleaving” now and I am fascinated by the descriptions of butchering, and otherwise amused or annoyed by the balance  of the book.  I’ll be really glad to be on to a new book in a few days.

On the food front, we made pancakes this morning with blueberries and cranberries and we used some of the awesome Marionberry syrup that Gaile from fidgetybudgie sent me a while ago.  I’m making yellow split pea soup with the ham bone from a couple of days ago so that we have easy dinner tomorrow and I’m also making scalloped potatoes and ham tonight.  Nothing fancy, but simple, tasty winter food.  Working some more vegetables in to dinner, I’ll probably also make that awesome kale and shiitake mushroom thing, finish up my assortment of nuts for my father-in-law since I got his name in the gift exchange (we’re having family Christmas or whatever) next weekend in Minnesota.  I also need to figure out what our menu is going to look like for our couple of days in Black River Falls on the way back from Minnesota.

This week, we’ll actually be going out a couple of nights.  One night with another couple that we don’t really see often enough and the other night with a friend of D.’s from Seattle along with anyone else he can round up to go out on Tuesday night.

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2 Responses to Unproductive Long Weekend

  1. gaile says:

    OO! Kale and shitake mushroom thing? Do tell!

  2. Aster says:

    It was in November’s Food and Wine. We also had something like it at that Pre-Thanksgiving Bon Appetit dinner that we went to. I’ll email it to you the way I scaled it down because it makes enough to feed a basketball team as written.

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