Yay! First skiing of the season!

Sorry.  No pictures.  I was too lazy to get my phone out of my pocket and snap anything.

Yesterday we got in a few miles of cross-country skiing at Blue Mound State Park.  I don’t know how far we went, but we took the longest loop in the park.   It was a beautiful day after all the snow and cold weather we had in the second half of the week.  Somehow we never bought the 2009 trail passes (must have paid daily the handful of times we actually had enough snow to ski last year), but that didn’t matter because when we got to the entrance station, the sign said that 2010 passes were for sale and valid already.  We forked over $20 each for the ski pass (The ski passes are also the same passes for the State Bike trails, so the $20 is really worth it.)  We figured we might as well get our vehicle permits (which we get every year) for 2010 too.  $25 for the first one and $12.50 for a second vehicle registered at the same address.    $77.50 seems like a bargain for all the hiking, skiing and biking that two people can fit into a year.  I still need to get a City/County pass for a couple of the other nearby parks (one of which has several miles of lit trails at night and now has some snow-making equipment both of which make it totally worthwhile for the times that we have cold weather and no natural snow.)    This all beats the hell out of a gym membership that I would never find time to use.

 The skiing was really great yesterday since it was relatively warm, we’d had 12″-16″ of snow earlier in the week and for the number of cars in the parking lot, the skiers seemed to be pretty well-distributed around the park.   We got passed by a number of guys who appear to be training for racing and there was one party of four that we passed after following them for a while.  We even caught up with them again after one fork in the trail where we took the longer trail to avoid following them up the hill and came back together.  If we hadn’t been so many miles into our skiing (I was pretty wiped with a mile and a half to go) or if my husband had been on his own, we/he might have passed them. 

 It was definitely the best sweat I’d had in a while.  On the way home, we stopped at the Grumpy Troll Brewpub in Mt. Horeb and probably undid some of the good that we’d done by splitting an order of nachos and having a beer.  Later last night, I made a really good (and low-fat though some may object to the fact that the fat in this soup was two teaspoons of tasty, tasty bacon grease) soup with barley, three kinds of mushrooms with broccoli, lemon thyme and a splash of balsamic vinegar at the end to sharpen the flavors.

 Today, we’ve had some icy sleet/freezing rain precipitation, so we won’t be going anywhere, but I’ll do some cleaning and peruse the issue of the Food Network magazine that arrived yesterday.  I’ve never looked at one before, but my brother-in-law was able to get a couple of cheap gift subscriptions with his subscription.

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2 Responses to Yay! First skiing of the season!

  1. Melanie says:

    I love reading posts like these. The glimpse into your day-to-day life is wonderful. The snow must be good, as you are the 3rd person from the WI / IL area that I know who has mentioned cross country skiing this week.

  2. Peggy says:

    Sounds like a lovely day! Last week/weekend, I got both the snowshoes and skis out, which made me very happy. Kirk and I both have off work on Monday, and we’re thinking about doing a similar Blue Mounds/Grumpy Troll combination.

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