Happy Thanksgiving

Today we had a very nice Thanksgiving dinner.  Our hosts made the bird, the gravy, stuffing, bread and roasted sweet potatoes.  Others brought salad and appetizers. We brought two kinds of cranberry relish (a fresh one with pomegranate seeds, orange zest and the juice of half and orange and a cooked cranberry sauce that had a fair measure of Dijon mustard added to it after the cranberries and sugar cooked and cooled) as well as celeriac mashed potatoes which also include a parsnip and an entire head of roasted garlic.  While I didn’t do the dairy free one based on one friend’s recipe from which I got the approximate proportions for the vegetables, I did use a little trick I recently learned from another friend which is to melt the butter and warm the milk in the melted butter before adding it to the potatoes and other root vegetables.  D. provided the manpower for mashing.  The leftovers will make an excellent addition to a soup or thicken the sauce for pot pie once I have leftover meat from a roasted chicken this weekend.   I still mean to make the fidgetybudgie version of the potatoes with olive oil instead of butter and with carmelized onions which I think will be fantastic next to fish or a really nice steak, but today with turkey and gravy and with plating delayed a while after cooking, I decided that the onions were not the best idea.  We also brought a nice bottle of chardonnary and a nonalcoholic sparkling apple cider.

Tomorrow we aren’t working.  I don’t know what we’ll do.  We won’t shop (crowds annoy me so I never shop on Black Friday) except for coffee early in the morning since we are out and possibly a little bit online.  It isn’t supposed to rain, so hiking is a good possibility though we’ll be limited as to where we can go with the gun deer season still going on.  That leaves Governor Nelson State Park, a couple of larger city parks including Elver or Cherokee Marsh and maybe Indian Lake County Park.    Perhaps we’ll finish blocking off grass and covering it with black plastic for the native plant garden we will enlarge next year and behind which we will probably plant some onions and leeks.  Short, inconspicuous vegetables that we can grow in the front yard behind the prairie without anyone noticing.  Perhaps the house will also get some of the cleaning it so desperately needs and I will freeze some parsley from the garden before it is too late.  As always, my list of things to do will be longer than what can be accomplished in the available time.

My friends, I hope however you spent your day that it was a good one.

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One Response to Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Peggy says:

    Glad to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving and hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend. I’m jealous of the food you made! The food we had was very traditional, but still yummy. Got to see both families and convinced the kids to go for a walk on Saturday, which was nice on a sunny day.

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