Last 2009 Outdoor Farmers’ Market

Yellow Oyster MushroomToday is the last outdoor farmers’ market of the year for us.  I bought this beautiful yellow oyster mushroom and I have no idea what I am going to do with it yet.  Every indication is that it is going to be a very good weekend.  The sun is shining, we are expecting unseasonably warm temperatures with a high of 68 degrees.

I have also stocked up on meat from both Jordandal and Hawk’s Hill Elk Ranch,some long storing garlic and bought  some green vegetables (broccoli and tatsoi).  I was hoping for spinach, but I really didn’t see anything.  No matter, since I love tatsoi which is similar to bok choi but is a vibrant dark green, milder in flavor and somewhat smaller.  Really great in stir fry or added toward the end in a coconut curry stew.  I’ve made cranberry scones, have some almonds in the oven for tamari almonds and because it is so warm, I think we must grill.  Actually, I think it would be a perfect weekend for one last overnight on the river, but my partner in crime will not cooperate, so the weekend will be filled with yard work today with grilling out and using the fire pit today, tasty breakfast tomorrow and some hiking instead of paddling.  It all sounds good to me.

Friday night was a pretty good start to the weekend as well.  We met an old friend of mine and his partner out for happy hour.  It was nice.  Far too long since I’ve seen them.  Then later at dinner, we ran into an old coworker of mine from the job I quit two years ago.

On to raking, mouse proofing and moving thyme and rosemary indoors.

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One Response to Last 2009 Outdoor Farmers’ Market

  1. Melanie says:

    The mushroom looks beautiful! Sounds like a lovely weekend for you! We’re still in the upper 80’s, so I’m looking forward to high 60’s 😉

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