Today kind of blew

Actually, the wind blew really hard.  I biked to work as usual.  Work was o.k.  I don’t love my job, but I’m glad I have it.  The problem came when it was time to go home.  I put my panniers on my bike and in less than a block found that some of the hardware  that hooks the bag to the bike rack had failed.  This one also has a should strap, but I couldn’t make it short enough to get it close enough to my body for me to think that it wouldn’t unbalance me in the wind if I tried to ride like that.    I stopped and tried to call D.  No luck, his phone just vibrated in his pocket and he didn’t notice.  I left a message and said I was going to start walking.  I suppose I could have put my bike on the front of a bus and then ridden the bus most of the way home, but I was annoyed and I didn’t feel like going somewhere and waiting for a bus and then trying to figure out which number 6 I would be on which would determine where it would be by the time I got over this way.    I walked for close to an hour  which is far more annoying and slower with a bike than it is just walking and then called the home phone once I got to a quieter street.  That time I was successful and I told him where I was and estimated where I would be by the time he drove over that way and where I would be easy to find.

Grrr.  It just wasn’t the kind of trip home for which I was hoping.

I think I’m done whining now.

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