I leave tomorrow!

Native Wild Rye and Switchgrass on a sandbar in August

Native Wild Rye and Switchgrass on a sandbar in August

14_16august2009 003 This picture is from the 37 mile, two night trip that D. and I did together a month ago. Tomorrow I leave on my 80+ mile solo trip and I have lots to do before I go. Laundry, packing for my trip, packing a bag for D. to bring with him so that I can go out to dinner in Iowa on Thursday night once I get clean and of course clean clothes for hiking at Effigy Mounds on Friday. As of now, the forecast is perfect, mostly sunny, highs in the 70’s and 80’s, lows in the 50’s. Seems that after the coldest July on record, we are getting some perfect Wisconsin summer in mid-September. There’s a 20% chance of light rain on Thursday. I’ll take that. I’d probably even like it. Right now I have to head off to the library and pick up Barry Holstun Lopez’s book, “River Notes: The Dance of the Herons”. It’s been on my library list for a while. I haven’t read any Lopez before, but it seemed like it might be about perfect for this trip. I’m also really looking forward to playing with my new Canon PowerShot D10. Finally, I have a waterproof camera so that I can have the camera ready and not miss the good shots. Finally, I sort of wish D. was going with me, but in a way it seems important to do this on my own.

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