14_16august2009 001This car was supposed to take me to Arizona. It hasn’t.

The other two cars that I have owned were grey and black. And didn’t have much clearance which means not so good on gravelly washboard backroads… I bought this car in white on purpose with Arizona and New Mexico in mind. I also wanted the higher clearance and option of 4 wheel drive so that driving gravel or sandy roads would be easier. Lastly, and nothing to do with Arizona, I wanted to be able to drive kayaks and canoes to water which I didn’t really envision with a 1995 Chevy Cavalier.

While this car has never taken me to Arizona, it has seen unpaved roads in remote areas of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan’s upper peninsula and rural northeaster Georgia of all places. And while this car has never taken me to Arizona, I’ve been there a number of times, flying into Phoenix in 2003 and taking Amtrak from Chicago to Flagstaff in January of 2004, September 2005 and September of 2007. While I love the ease of traveling by train, especially the time that I had a roomette in a sleeper car, I sure did miss my car when I drove the rental car on forest service roads around Sedona or up and into Lockett’s Meadow near Flagstaff. Furthermore, last fall as I headed down to Georgia a few hours into my trip going south in Illinois when it was time to head southeast, part of me really wished that I was going southwest instead.

Maybe next year.

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