What if now was time to start over?

A couple of recent events have me thinking about what I would do if now was time to start over and reinvent my life.  I can name a handful of things in my life that were conscious decisions, but largely it feels like a lot of things just happened and were more driven by time or place or by going with what was easy instead of really thinking about what I wanted and then pursuing that course.  I’m fairly committed to maintaining the life I have now, but if I had to start over now on my own, I’m not sure where I would go, or what I would do for work.  I have a lot of ideas churning around right now about where to go, which wouldn’t be here.  Fewer ideas about what to do for work.  Definitely nothing like what I do now.  In a way, it’s good to consider the possibilities.  Maybe some areas of my life could be revised, but I really hope I don’t end up rebuilding everything from the ground up.

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One Response to What if now was time to start over?

  1. gaile says:

    wow, very interesting thought process you’re going through right now. I hope you find some exciting and interesting possibilities out there! I don’t know that i have any wisdom to add, except that talking to all of you a few years ago really helped me sort out what i was and was not willing to change, and to find a direction that felt right to me. Hope you find a process that works as well for you. I’m happy to listen if you need an ear.

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