Prematurely gray…probably not

01/09/2009, before the first low light treatment
01/09/2009, before the first low light treatment

Today after a little over a month of growing my hair out, I went in for my first low light treatment.  Before we got going, I had Lisa snap a picture of my roots.   No way I was just going to stop coloring and live through some long awkward stretch of time.

She colored about 80 percent of my hair, leaving 20% of it the way it is whether that means dark or silver.    I’d like this to be done quickly.  I know it is going to take some time.  I also know that while this is a big deal to me, most people won’t pay attention.  If only it could be like that for J. Lo when she is showing roots, for Nicole Kidman when she lets her gray go for a while. 
I’ve been reading a lot about gray hair lately, sometimes books, but mostly on the internet.  People seem to think that going gray prior to the mid-40’s is “prematurely gray”.  Given that I had gray in my late 20’s and I know a lot of people who did and given my friends and coworkers who range in age from 30-50, it sure seems that it’s not unusual for people to get some gray in their 20’s.  Less odd for it to happen in their 30’s and almost certainly by some time in one’s 40’s one can expect to see some gray.    I think as a society we are in denial about when gray reasonably shows up.  And that we assign it a great deal of  importance.  And certainly need to stamp it out.  Before anyone else notices.
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