I think they misunderstand kitten heel

They're just not that different

They're just not that different

So I was going to post a serious food thing about why I am letting my subscription to Cooking Light lapse.  For the rest of my life.  But that post is going to take a while.  And yesterday,  I became aware of the new Mary Jane Crocs.

This is how one ad described them:  Classic Mary Jane style with a thin strap across the instep and a kitten heel. The Crocs’ Mary Jane retains Crocs’ signature comfort and unique design including CrosliteT, the slip-resistant, non-marking, anti-microbial proprietary closed-cell resin from which all of Crocs shoes are constructed. Other features include ventilation holes in the toe and a heel strap, similar to the traditional Crocs Cayman model. The functionality of CrosliteT combined with a classic Mary Jane design offers a style that is sporty, yet supremely chic and feminine

Kitten heel?  Supremely chic?  Feminine?  Seriously?  I suppose I could have picked a better color for the image, but seriously, I am at a loss for words.

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One Response to I think they misunderstand kitten heel

  1. gaile says:

    Crocs are vile evil and the antithesis of feminine, no matter how much plastic they pump up under the heel. And there’s nothing kitten about that heel either. They belong in the kitchen or the garden, and nowhere else. I do see some folks in the hospital with them on, but I always think about how those holes will make nice conduits for whatever spraying bodily fluid they come across, to slurp through and soak the feet of the idiot wearing them. Not hospital wear!!

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