What’s old is New, Happy New Year

So it is 2009 and what’s old is new and what’s new is my hair which is going gray.  Well, which has been going gray since my mid 20’s.  I turned 40 last year and now I am going to let it.  I’m looking forward to this.  Whether I’ve dyed my hair myself or had it done professionally, I’ve not been so happy with the results.  The gray hair, which is really a pretty silver, almost white.  I’m not looking forward so much to the growing out process, but I’m really looking forward to finishing it.  No more scheduling appointments or finding time to dye it.  No keeping yucky towels and T-shirts for dying at home.  No more dye smell and no more money spent on dye.  Besides that, with all the out door sports, I spend a lot of time outside in the summer and the sun is really hard on the color treated hair.  Now, I’ve been noticing gray hair everywhere I go, whether it is someone’s gray roots at the grocery store at the point where maybe she’s just overdue for a touch up on her color, or maybe, like me, she’s done with color.  I also see really great gray hair out there.  I think I decided on this about a month ago.  I ripped through “Going Gray, Looking Great” one Friday evening.  While there was some good information in there, it was a bit Manhattan-ish for my taste and there was a bit too much baby boomer hubris.  Like no one has ever gone through whatever the baby boomers are going through at any given point in time.  One sentence if I am remembering it correctly was, “We’re the first generation who didn’t disappear at 50.”  Or something to that effect.  Whatever, babyboomers!  I did appreciate the interviews with women who talked about when they started going gray and that my time frame, while earlier than many, really isn’t unusual either.  I also liked the consideration given to what clothing colors people thought worked and didn’t work after they went gray.  It did seem, too that many of the women in the book were more salon dependent than I have ever been.  I believe there was some discussion of  needing to get hot oil treatments at the salon and to do them more often at home in between.  Fat chance!  I am wondering how others are going to react, but I think it is mostly curiosity. 

I am not, however doing this completely cold turkey since the newest hair I have is either silver, or a lot darker than I’ve been dying it these days.

I should get around to posting some pictures, but I am lazy…

Perhaps this weekend…

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2 Responses to What’s old is New, Happy New Year

  1. gaile says:

    you are braver than me. I just touched up my color last night. I am in denial. 🙂

  2. Aster says:

    Lot’s of people are in denial. My 82 year old aunt is still blonde. My MiL let her hair go gray around 60 and it looked great. And then she dyed it dark brown again. I think she might be gray again. Will find out this weekend. Remember the first time you and Katie M. ran into each other at the now closed Wonders Pub and you had your long hair with the gray streak and she was just gloriously gray? Besides, I am not that brave. Tomorrow, I am having Lisa put in some low lights so that I don’t have one obvious line of roots along my part. Can’t possibly go cold turkey…

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