Sunday night ramblings

Today wasn’t a super exciting food day.  I did make scones using the recipe from Deborah Madison’s “Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone”.  They were pretty nice with whole wheat flour, oats and raisins plumped up in hot water and then patted dry.  D. would like me to make them with some kind of fresh fruit like raspberries.  Can’t wait for Spring.  For now, frozen fruit might have to do for my next attempt.  Otherwise, we had sandwich buffet at my cousin’s house.  A lot of things that I wouldn’t eat like a couple of salads involving jello, cool whip, marshmallows or some combination of thereof.  I was happy enough with the sandwiches, sauteed onions to put on them, some really vivid green beans and a taste or two of  some really all too plentiful sweets.

Book-wise, I’m about done with what I wanted to get out of “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon.  While I think that the “diet dictocrats” could use some challenging, it seems like this book is 2/3 sense and 1/3  crazy.  At any rate, Ms. Fallon and I can agree that industrial, shelf-stable, manufactured food is bad and that minimally processed foods are good, that grassfed, grass-finished meats are better nutritionally and better for the environment.  On the other hand, I don’t know how important fermented foods are, I wouldn’t know where to get whey to add it to recipes, I’m not going to go to the effort required to get raw milk, though I would get it if I could easily and no way am I giving up coffee, tea or chocolate.  I also believe that minimizing white flour and refined sugar is beneficial, though I don’t think I can banish them entirely from my kitchen although I will entirely avoid high fructose corn syrup, minimize use of vegetable oils and avoid hydrogentated fats entirely in favor of using lard (purchased directly from the farmer who had it rendered by a butcher) as well as using palm and coconut oil.

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