Hello world!

A while ago I started a blog.  My first post was my last.  Hopefully this goes better than that did.  At this point, I ‘d like to journal about food and nature and books and I guess also my journey into gray hair.

Fortunately, I have a digital camera now which was not the case in my first foray into the blog world.

Food is near and dear to my heart.  I love really good food that is made with high quality ingredients.  What this means to me is eating a wide variety of foods, often organic and even more often locally produced by small farmers.   It means that for many reasons we don’t eat much industrial prepared food.  It also means that I spend a lot of time peeling and chopping and reading recipes that I will never follow so I can get a feeling for what I might actually make.  Most of the time I have good success.  This doesn’t mean that I can’t follow a recipe which I do on occasion.  It just means that more often I treat recipes as suggestions.

Regarding nature, I really value the time I spend outside in deserts, in the mountains, on the shore of Lake Superior, floating down a river, or just on my deck under the oak tree.  I enjoy hiking, cross country skiing and paddlesports and I will probably write a bunch about each of them in season.

My main interests with regard to books are food (what a suprise), good fiction and feminism with an occasional book thrown in pertaining to any other topic about which I would like to know more.

Finally, the journey into gray hair is one that I started in my 20’s.  When I was about 30, I thought I would stop coloring my hair.  That didn’t last.  I wasn’t ready.  I turned 40 this year and I think I might be ready.  I’ve had dark hair since I’ve had hair.  I’m tired of the upkeep.  My gray hair is dye resistant and it is a really pretty silvery color from what I can tell so far.  I don’t know how much of my hair is still dark and who much of it is shimmery silver.  In the coming months, I’ll be finding out, figuring out how I feel about it and going from there.  Enough about me!  Go and do something good.

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